Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel, Jack

One year ago today.  Happy birthday in heaven, Jack!
I thought today would be a day that I wouldn't want to get out of bed.  But that wasn't the case.  Since this past weekend I have had a wonderful feeling.  Getting the tattoo and then getting Jackson's story in the Lexington Herald Leader just seemed like icing on Jackson's birthday cake. 
Jackson would have turned 4 today.  I should have been planning a birthday but instead I will be making a trip to the cemetary with John and Sarah.  I will take bright yellow flowers and a balloon or two.  One to release for Jack and the other so Sarah doesn't get upset when we let the balloon go.
Click here for the article from the Herald Leader in case anyone didn't see it on Facebook.   And here is the photo gallery from the Immersed in Ink tattoo festival.  We met some wonderful people down there.  Here are our tattoos.
Courtesy of Lexington Herald Leader

Exactly what I wanted. Simple.
Today was a day for mail.  First, a banner that a friend of John's made for us.  We will have it at the marathon this weekend. 
Then I received flowers from Nicole for Jackson's birthday.  I love the colors that she chose.  He loved yellow and (we think) his favorite color was blue. 
There is  a long story to go along with the last package.  I saw a blanket that I friend received on facebook that Join the Love made.  It was so pretty so I went to their page to see what Join the Love was about.  They crochet memory blankets for parents that have lost children.  I emailed them requesting one for Jack back in October.  They had so many that it took quite a few months for completion.  I received an email in February telling me that the box had been delivered and wanted to know if I got the blanket.  Uh oh, I hadn't.  I forgot to tell them that we moved to Lexington, it went to Ft. Knox.  I called the office at Ft. Knox, she called the new tenants and they said that they took it back to Fedex to return to sender.  I think that all that happened just so I could get it on Jack's birthday.  I told John earlier today that wouldn't it be neat if we got it today and we did!
With Join the Love, all the granny squares are made by different people all over the US then assembled by one person.  They asked his interest and favorite color.  I don't know if you can see Sponge Bob but he's there too!  It fits perfect in "Jack's room".   It was absolutly a pleasure to get this.  I immediatly stretched out the blanket on the and took pictures of it. 
Then Sarah woke up so I thought I would show her.  I think she likes it.
Happy birthday, little man!!!!  You seemed to have made this day perfect for me.  We love and miss you so much!