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Memory Monday (It's my turn) 12/29/10 - 24

I had my first real OB appointment last Wednesday (12/22/10).  It's so much different going to the doctor for me and not Jack.  When I'm with him, I'm calm and ready to take on anything that is thrown at me.  I wish I could be just half as calm for myself. 

On our way there John and I both remembered how we would drive back and forth to go see Jack in the NICU.  It may just be the pregnancy hormones but that was the first cry that I had. 

I guess I was worked up knowing that I would have to go through my history.  My blood pressure was high...144/94.  So we agreed to take it again, still high.  I answered all the questions that were asked of me.  Until she asked how long I was in labor.  I started tearing up and looked at John.  He then told her what happened to Jack and how we had a long ambulance ride.  Then she asked if we lived near Randolph (an Air Force base that is close to our house).  We said yes.  Then she asked if we went to BAMC first.  We said yes again.  She then told us that she remembered our case and after that they had an inservice for what to do if someone called with a prolapsed cord at home.   I couldn't believe it.  She knew about Jack.

I had an uneasy but comforting feeling.  If that makes sense.  I was glad that she knew about us but I wish that she didn't.    The rest of the appointment went pretty well.  They scheduled me for an appointment with the high risk doctor (which I had today) and an ultrasound to confirm my due date. 
Since it took me so long to post this I'll make a second post about today's visit.

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Memory Monday (Super quick update) 12/3/10 - 23

Friday, December 3, 2010

I haven't been on my computer for two weeks.  Here's the reason why:

A very faint line.  I actually threw this test away thinking it
was negative.  I got it back out, did some research and
 decided I should test again.

A definte YES!

I am 8 weeks today and have the normal (for me) all-day-nausea!  I'm hoping that it goes away soon. 
Jack is doing good.  His seizures have started to decrease and he has been sleeping through the night (most nights anyway).  The nurse has been a big help since I don't feel well all day and then John takes over in the evenings. 

I'll try not to go so long between posts from now on. 

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