Tuesday, October 29, 2013

9 years...

Happy Anniversary, John!  You are my best friend and my rock. 
Here are a few pictures of us over the years:
The day we got married - 10/29/04
With Rusty - 2006
In the NICU with Jack - 5/4/09
At Mike and Julie's wedding - 2009
Jack's 1st birthday - 2010
The day we brought Sarah home - 6/22/11
Christmas 2011
Downtown San Antonio - 4/8/12

Jack's 3rd birthday - 4/25/2012

Celebrating Sarah's 1st birthday - 6/23/2012
Jack's visitation 7/5/12
Immersed in Ink Tattoo Festival - April 2013
Photo courtesy of Lexington Herald Leader
Myrtle Beach 7/8/13

Monday, October 28, 2013

Memory Monday (Today's Visit) 12/29/10 - 25

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today was my appointment with the high risk doctor.  I had to go through all of my history (again) and this time I did much better.  He remembered our case also.  He assured me that a prolapsed cord is very rare but he knew that I would be thinking about it this entire pregnancy.  Well of course I would.  

Since the baby was trying to hide when the doctor was checking the heartbeat he decided to do an ultrasound.  He also wanted to check the baby's size.  I got to see the little legs kicking and moving all around.  The baby measured 11 weeks 4 days.  Seeing as I'm 11/5 it's the perfect size.  Here's the pic that we got today.
The head is on the left and body on the right.

Even though they are not going to put me on any medication for my high blood pressure they want to keep monitoring me.  I'll be seen once a month and also have a growth scan.  Just to make sure the baby is developing normally.  
I got to meet the high risk OB.  She was very nice and said that she would work with me.  Good news for me to hear.  I'm going to continue to see her or at least try.  It's always difficult to keep the same doctor in a military hospital.   

Tomorrow I will have the other ultrasound and post pictures when I have them.

Jack is doing well.  He is really enjoying his nurse (as long as she's not making him work).  He hasn't had many appointments the past few weeks because of the holidays.  Next month picks back up.  

His seizures haven't changed much but are shorter in duration.  He goes back to see the doctor in Houston January 10th for the ketogenic diet.  I'm curious to see if they will change anything. 

He has been smiling more lately.  I don't know if they are spasms or he is doing it on purpose.  Either way they are the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

A cute one of J sleeping.
His big brothers are here this week for Christmas so he is enjoying that.  Here are a few pictures that I took of them opening their presents.

Love this, Bailey and Gavin checking out Jack.
Helping Gavin open his present.
He loves his lights.

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Memory Monday (DISorganized) 1/17/11 - 30

Since I've been pregnant and not feeling well, I have let a few things go.  Laundry being one of them.  Luckily, John took care of this.  The other thing that I have been neglecting is all of Jack's paperwork.  If you know me then you know that I hate to be disorganized.  Well, just because I didn't feel well doesn't mean that all the stuff piling up doesn't bother me.  I kept looking at it and walking away.  I knew that one day I would feel like catching up on everything.  I guess Sunday was my day.  Since he got his new bed I've been in his room more trying to put the furniture where it needs to go and I kept moving the paperwork.  That was it for me.  It was time.  I pulled out the six binders and started going through them.  I got two 3 inch binders so I can consolidate.  This process takes me a while because I like to look through it all and change things around. 

This was after completing one big binder.  But you get the picture.  Now that I got that done I feel much better.  Organization!!  AAAHHH!


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Friday, October 25, 2013

Camp Nelson

I take pictures every time we visit Jack.  Here is what I have so far. 
I started taking pictures at this angle and I love how they turned out.


Yes, she always plays with the flowers.

Memorial Day


Monday, October 21, 2013

Memory Monday (Adjustments and new bed) 1/14/11 - 29

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yesterday Bennie from National Seating and Mobility came to our house to set up Jack's new bed (Sleep Safe) and adjust his wheelchair and stander.  I didn't realize that he had grown so much.  He adjusted his stander 6 inches!!!  I also ordered a new positioning chair for him.  It's Leckey Squiggles, the same brand as his stander.

Here are some pics that I took that day.  No, he hasn't slept in his new bed yet but we will start working on that soon.

After adjustment, starting to get mad
On to the wheelchair. 
Adjusted the foot pedals and head support.
Showing us how much he likes the head support.
Checking out his new bed.

What his new chair will look like.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sarah's Birthday

I know I'm really late posting these seeing as her birthday is June 20th.  She turned two this year and had a blast with everyone at her house.  Here are the pictures from her party.  We waited until Bailey and Gavin could come up to have her party.  She loves her big brothers!!
Thanks for the idea Pinterest!

Eating a pickle

Anderson and Sarah

Sarah and Amelia

Sarah, Anderson and Ameila

Then we went to Mamaw and Papaw's to celebrate a little more.
Love this pic of her!

Singing happy birthday

She looks so young here.  She's changed so much in the past
4 months.  With her cousin Kaci.

Thanks for the help Papaw!

Chowing down!

Then one more little party at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sandy's house.  Maybe I have a future pianist...