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Memory Monday (Snow in San Antonio) 2/4/11 - 38

Friday, February 4, 2011

We don't get snow very often down here.  While watching the weather this morning the newscasters said that it hadn't snowed like this in 5 years.  Well, with this small amount of snow it shut the city down.  I mean literally.  The 3 major interstates that run through SA were CLOSED.  Under the snow was ice and it was slick out there.  Not that we ventured out today but there were alot of videos from around town with cars sliding everywhere.


So with the snow comes snow days.  John didn't have to go to work and Jack's nurse couldn't make it today.  So we just spent the day inside snuggling.  Jack really enjoyed it.  He even got to try a new keto snack today.  Pureed peaches with cream cheese and butter.  I think he liked it, only minimal came out of his mouth.  His next treat will be cauliflower with cream cheese and butter.  I hope it likes it.
Watching his lights
Wanting me to pick him up

Here are a few pics that I forgot to include in the last post:

First time sleeping in his new bed

Rusty protecting Jack

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