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Memory Monday (16 weeks pics) 2/2/11 - 37

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
I'm a little late posting this seeing as I am almost 17 weeks.  Last week while I was at the OB they measured my cervix length.  This is something that I will have done every two weeks until my 2nd trimester is over.  Having a bicornuate uterus puts me a risk of miscarriage in my second trimester.  The doctor is not too concerned about this because I carried Jackson until 38 weeks.  If my cervix shows any signs on incompetency then they will put a cerclage in.  This would keep my cervix closed until the doctors remove it.  I asked the OB is she could go ahead and put the stitch in now and she said no, that it could cause more problems.  I'm still scared to death that something may happen with the pregnancy but I know that they doctors are doing everything they can to prevent it.  With Jackson I didn't know I had a bicornuate uterus so they took no high risk precautions. 
I'm feeling like myself again.  I can eat and I want to eat all the time.  Mom said that if she stayed any longer that she would start putting on the pounds with me.  They were concerned that I hadn't put on any weight yet, in fact that I had lost so much.  But in the past week I have gained 5 pounds. 
During the ultrasound the baby was very active.  The tech would tell us to look for the hand and it would move across the screen.  Of course the baby was not cooperative at all in finding out if Jack is going to have a little brother or sister.  Those little legs were crossed tight!
Yes, I'm wearing capris!  It was 80
 degrees this weekend!  (now it's 20)
Starting to look more like a baby and less like an alien.
I think the baby has Jack's nose.
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