Monday, December 9, 2013

Memory Monday (Hair cut!!) 1/28/11 - 36

Hair cut!!

Grandma Barbara came to visit this weekend.  We found her an apartment that will be available in April.  We also cut Jack's hair.  She cut, I held his head and John took pictures.  Overall it was a success!  He looks like a little boy again.  He looked pretty shaggy before! 

I recently read a post about another little guy that couldn't hold up his head.  He and his mother went  into a large chain of hair salons and they refused to cut his hair because he couldn't sit in the booster seat.  Even though that did cut his hair before while he sat in his mom's lap.  As I was reading her blog it broke my heart that they had to feel so alone.  In the end, they did cut his hair one last time but said that they would not do it again.  I wish they were in San Antonio because my mom would definitely cut his hair.  Even if it is on the living room floor.
Hurry up guys

This is hard work

Ready for his bath
New pajamas, look at his long legs!
His Spiderman pose
Snoozin' with Daddy

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