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Memory Monday (60-79-63-44-22) 1/23/11 - 33

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Those are how many seizures Jack has had the past 5 days.  79!!!!  I couldn't believe that one!  This has been the first time in a few months that I have been counting.  I guess they really crept back up on me.  I hate that he has been suffering and I didn't even know they were seizures.  We decreased keto diet ratio on the day that he had 79 seizures.  Then they have been dropping since then.  What does that tell me?  I have no clue.  Is the diet not really working?  Did he need to be on a lower ratio for better control?  Has he been having this many all along?  Too many questions!!  Will he ever get seizure control?  I hope the answers will come in time.  Until then, I have to watch him suffer and not develop.   

Other than the seizures he is doing pretty good.  The last two nights he slept until 6:30.  Once I started feeding him he fell back asleep.  During the day he's been alert and watching his lights and football. 

He has done really well with the amount increase of mouth feedings.  He can finish them in about 10 minutes.  He seems to do better when Daddy feeds him. Speaking of John feeding him, he's doing it right now.  Jack is cooing and John is whispering to him. So sweet!!  I guess he just loves spending time with Daddy.

We go to HIS pediatrician tomorrow.  If you read the recent post about the other doctor that we saw you know I wasn't happy.  I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow and getting some answers.  If he can't do anything about his eye then he will send him somewhere that can.  He's had the cyst for over a month and it is now getting bigger.  He will also get his immunizations.  Not looking forward to that but I know he needs them.  So until then...

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